Made for Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2020. The theme was : Out of control.

A game about a recently escaped Gorilla causing mass destruction in a nearby city.

Destroy as many things as you can and knock out the zoo keepers!

Playable with a controller or mouse + keyboard.

- Look with right stick / mouse

- Move with left stick / arrows

- Attack with "A" button or left click

Have fun!


Download 20 MB


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Thank you for playing and posting a video!

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if only harambe could destroy the gas stations :)

That was my hope too! Also cop cars and other stuffs... but you know, time...

If only the people that took out Harambe knew that you can neutralize a gorilla with a net

A few hits on the head with a net and the problem is solved!

I couldn't get it to run smoothly in the browser. (Its not like I have a shitty computer). Maybe you should've uploaded a windows build also. I noticed that some of the text wasn't scaled properly. Try using the canvas scaler with scale with screen size.

Thanks for your comments. I'll upload a windows build after the rating time. I also think that we should have used URP for this.

Sorry, it was my fault the game didn't run. I had hardware acceleration disabled. After enabling it, it ran just fine. 


a little repetitive but fun



Truly the Dark Souls of games about escaped gorillas.

What an honor!

lol XD